Add custom attributes to apps, directories, and identity providers

You can only add attributes to the directory profile if they are already in the directory, so Okta performs a schema discovery to populate the list of available attributes. For Okta to discover the attribute, it must be added to an object within the User object hierarchy in the directory: a user object, a parent object, or an auxiliary object.

User attribute value fields that are left empty, are processed as "" or an empty string and saved as "" in the profile. User profiles with empty strings are returned when using search=(profile.<propertyName> pr) because they contain a value and not NULL. To set the attribute as NULL, you’ll need to use the Okta API. See Okta Developer documentation.

Schema discovery takes a few seconds to complete and when it’s done you’ll get a list of the attributes that Okta has the permissions to discover in the directory.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Directory > Profile Editor.
  2. In the Filters list, select Apps, Directories, or Identity Providers.
  3. For the app, directory, or identity provider that you want to modify, click Profile. If Profile is unavailable, click the profile name.
  4. Click Add Attribute.
  5. Select attributes in the Add Attributes dialog box, and then click Save.