Create a custom user type

You can create up to 9 custom user types. You must have super or org admin permissions to create custom user types. Once a user type is created, other admins are able to add properties and mappings, similar to working with the default Okta user type.

You should have a good understanding of Universal Directory, Profile Editor, attributes, custom attributes, and attribute mappings.

  1. Sign in to the Okta Admin Console with super or org admin permissions and click Directory > Profile Editor.
  2. Click Create Okta User Type.
  3. In the Create Okta User Type dialog box, complete these fields:
    • Display Name - Enter a name for the user type. For example, Contractor or Student. There is a 50 character limit.
    • Variable name - Accept the auto-generated value, or enter a value.
  4. Click Save.

The new user type appears in the profile editor. Click Profile to edit the profile attributes.

To change the user type Display name, click Edit, enter a new value, and click Save Profile. You cannot change the variable name .

User type attributes and mappings are managed in the same way as the default Okta user profile.