Deactivate and delete user accounts

Deactivate or delete a user account to limit or remove access to org resources. When you deactivate a user account, the account status moves from Active to Deactivated. Deactivated users can no longer access their assigned applications. When you reactivate a previously deactivated user account, you'll need to reassign apps to the user. Deactivation runs as a background task, and depending on the number of users being deactivated, can take significant time to complete. You can perform multiple deactivation requests at the same time. During deactivation, notifications appear indicating the progress of all deactivation requests. A notification appears when each deactivation request completes successfully.

An account deletion cannot be undone. After the deletion, the user is not visible on the People page and is not returned in API responses. However, any log entries that reference the user are maintained. After deletion you can reuse the user name and other identifiers. You cannot delete a user that is set as the technical or billing contact.

Deactivate a user account

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Directory > People > More Actions > Deactivate.
  2. Select the user accounts you want to deactivate, and click Deactivate Selected.
  3. In the Deactivate Person dialog box, click Deactivate

An email listing all users deactivated in the past 30 minutes is sent to admins. After you deactivate a user account, you need to reactivate it to make changes to it.

Delete a user account

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Directory > People.
  2. Click a user name in the Person & Username column.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. Click Delete in the Delete Person dialog box.