About user account status

The user account status provides information about the user account and whether administrative or user action is required. The user account status is displayed in the Status column on the People page and on a user's individual profile page. To access the People page, in the Admin Console go to Directory > People. To view a user's individual profile page, click the user name. This table lists the different users statuses.

Status Cause
Staged Accounts have a staged status when they are first created, before the activation flow is initiated, or if there is a pending admin action.
Provisioned Accounts have a provisioned status when they are provisioned, but the user has not provided verification by clicking through the activation email or provided a password.
Active Accounts have an active status when:
  • An admin adds a user (Add person) on the People page and sets the user password without requiring email verification.
  • An admin adds a user (Add person) on the People page, sets the user password, and requires the user to set their password when they first sign-in.
  • A user self-registers into a custom app or the Okta Homepage and email verification is not required.
  • An admin explicitly activate user accounts.
Recovery Accounts have a recovery status when a user requests a password reset or an admin initiates one on their behalf.
Password Expired Accounts have a password expired status when the password has expired and the account requires an update to the password before a user is granted access to applications.
Locked out Accounts have a locked out status when the user exceeds the number of login attempts defined in the login policy.
Suspended Accounts have a suspended status when an admin explicitly suspends them. The user cannot access applications, the Admin Console, or the Okta End-User Dashboard. Application assignments are unaffected and the user profile can be updated.
Deprovisioned Accounts have a deprovisioned status when an admin explicitly deactivates or deprovisions them. All application assignments are removed and the password is permanently deleted.