Okta Mobile end user experience

Okta Identity Engine is gradually rolling out to customers. For upgrade eligibility, contact your account representative.

Okta Mobile (OM) is not supported on Okta Identity Engine, so end users can no longer use Okta Mobile to access their apps. Instead, users can access their apps from the Okta End-User Dashboard in a mobile browser.

When an OM end user is migrated to Okta Identity Engine, they will receive the This organization is not supported on Okta Mobile, but you can access your dashboard from your browser message.

When they tap OPEN DASHBOARD, the Okta End-User Dashboard appears in a mobile browser, and the user is prompted to authenticate (for example, with Okta FastPass) before they can obtain access.

SWA app access from the Okta End-User Dashboard

The mobile End-User Dashboard doesn’t support Secure Web Authentication (SWA) app username and password autofill. Depending on how the app sign-on policy is configured, end users may or may not be able to copy their credentials. To check if an app sign-on policy allows end users to copy their credentials:

  1. From the Admin Console, go to Applications > Applications.
  2. Click a SWA app.
  3. On the Sign On tab, check if the Secure Web Authentication option is selected, and then view your settings. If User sets username and password or Administrator sets username, user sets password is selected, and the Password reveal checkbox is selected, the end user can copy their credentials from the Copy [App] credentials to clipboard? dialog.

For example, if an app sign-on policy allows end users to copy their credentials, they can follow these steps:

  1. Tap an app.

    A Copy [App] credentials to clipboard? dialog appears.

  2. Tap Copy, to copy the credentials.
  3. The user might be prompted to re-authenticate with a password or additional verification.

  4. Tap Open in new tab.
  5. Paste the credentials in the sign on dialog.

    SWA app access limitation

    If you have any of the following options selected in the app sign-on policy, and the Okta browser plug-in is not installed, the end user will not be able open any apps from the mobile End-User Dashboard because they will be unable to copy the password to the SWA app:

    • Administrator sets username and password
    • Administrator sets username, password is the same as user’s Okta password
    • Users share a single username and password set by administrator