View the app settings page

On the Okta End-User Dashboard, you can view your settings and details for apps that have been added to your Okta End-User Dashboard. You can launch the app directly from the settings panel or enable the option to have the app launched automatically upon sign-in. If needed, you can click the Edit button on the bottom of the settings panel to securely update your information.

You can view the following information when accessing your app's settings: 

  • App name
  • Username
  • Password

Use the following instructions to access the app settings page for your app:

  1. Sign in to Okta. In your browser on your computer type your Okta sign-in URL, such as, where org-name is the name of your company or organization. Enter your username and password and follow the authentication prompts.
  2. From the Okta Home page, click the ellipsis icon on an app card to view your app settings.

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