Sign in with Okta FastPass on macOS devices

If your device is set up for Okta FastPass, you can securely access your app accounts without entering a password.

Note for administrators: Okta Verify for macOS is only available on Okta Identity Engine.

Okta Verify features are available based on configurations made by your organization.

If you change or reset biometrics on your device, the Sign in with Okta FastPass option still appears in the list of security methods, but it won't work. To resolve this issue, disable biometric authentication, and then enable biometrics again. If you need help, contact your Help Desk.

Before you begin

Make sure the latest version of Okta Verify is installed on your device.

Start this task

  1. Click Sign in with Okta FastPass.
  2. The screenshot shows the sign in prompt.

  3. When prompted, scan your finger on the fingerprint reader.
  4. Approve the Okta Verify notification. Click Yes, it’s me.
  5. Push notification in Okta Verify

    You receive a confirmation that your identity was verified.

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