Configure biometrics or screen lock confirmation in your Okta Verify account on Android devices

If you don’t enable biometrics or screen lock (PIN, pattern, or password) confirmation during the Okta Verify account setup, you might be prompted to do so later.

  1. Open Okta Verify and tap your account.
  2. On the Account details page, click the toggle to turn Biometric confirmation or PIN, pattern, or password confirmation on or off.

On Android 12, you can’t enable biometrics if Okta Verify is installed in your work profile. Skip the biometrics enablement step if you can. Contact your organization’s help desk if you’re stuck.

If biometric or screen lock confirmation is mandatory in your organization, you can’t disable this verification option.

If you change the biometrics or screen lock settings on your device, you go out of sync with the Okta Verify settings. You might be prompted to update biometric or screen lock confirmation.

If you set up a work profile on your device to separate work and personal apps, Okta Verify might be installed in your work profile. In this case, set up biometrics and screen lock in your work profile in addition to the settings you already made on your device. Depending on the device manufacturer, the work profile biometric settings page is under SettingsSecurity or SettingsWork profile. See your device documentation for details.

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