Resolve Okta Verify account issues on Android devices

Learn how to resolve Okta Verify account problems.

If there's an issue with your Okta Verify account, a warning appears on the accounts page:

Example of warnings that can appear on the Okta Verify accounts page

Tap the account to find out how to resolve the problem. Read the message and tap the remediation button. Here are some remediation message examples:

  • Enable biometric confirmation

  • Enable screen lock confirmation

  • Biometric settings out of sync with Okta Verify

  • Screen lock settings out of sync with Okta VerifyScreen lock confirmation is required

MFA reset issues

A warning might appear when you try to sign in to an app with Okta FastPass. You're asked to re-enroll your Okta Verify account. To resolve the problem, open Okta Verify and tap your account.

Image of a warning that appears on the sign-in page if the Okta verify account is invalid.

If multifactor authentication was reset for the device, the MFA reset message appears:

Image of an Okta Verify message that appears when MFA was reset and re-enrollment is required

  1. Tap Re-enroll and follow the instructions.

Your account expired

If your account problem can’t be resolved by re-enrolling your account, you must contact your help desk as indicated in the message.

Image of an Okta Verify warning that appears when the account expired.

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