Configure the Okta Browser Plugin

Click the Okta Browser Plugin icon on the top right section of your browser to open the menu. Select the gear icon to configure how your browser interacts with the plugin.

You can configure the plugin to prevent your browser from saving passwords, to get password recommendations when signing up for services, or to initialize prompts to save your apps on the Okta End-User Dashboard.

Partial list of plugin security settings

Recommend strong passwords for apps

The plugin recommends secure passwords when you register for new apps or reset app passwords.

Save apps to your Okta dashboard

The Okta Browser Plugin prompts you to save an app to your Okta dashboard when you manually sign in to an app or register for an app that is not already on your dashboard.

Prevent your browser from prompting to save passwords

You can prevent browsers from saving your sign-in credentials for Okta as well as for third-party apps accessed through the Okta End-User Dashboard. Preventing web browsers from saving this information increases the security of your accounts.

Note: For web extensions, the Okta Browser Plugin can't disable browser prompts for saving passwords if this permission is already managed by your organization's browser policy or another extension.

  1. Scroll down to the Disable browser password prompts option.
  2. Click the Allow button. The browser will display a prompt that the Okta Browser Plugin is requesting additional permissions.

    Note: Steps 2-3 don't apply to Safari and Internet Explorer users. If you use Safari or Internet Explorer, scroll down to the Disable Browser Password Prompts option and use the toggle to enable the feature.

  3. Click Allow on the browser prompt to confirm that you want to disable password prompts. The feature list now shows that the Okta Browser Plugin controls your privacy-related settings.
    Plugin Permission Prompt
  4. Click Close tab.

After you close the tab, go back to the Okta Browser Plugin Settings page to confirm that you successfully disabled your browser's password prompts.

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