Okta Browser Plugin

With the Okta Browser Plugin you automatically initiate an Okta sign-in to a broad range of applications that would otherwise require you to manually enter your credentials.

When you open an app from your Okta End-User Dashboard, a new browser tab opens pointing to the app URL. The plugin uses an encrypted connection to obtain authentication information and other required data from Okta, and then applies that information to the page. The plugin doesn't store your credentials after authentication.

To enhance security, the plugin only works with trusted and verified sites. If you haven't yet installed the Okta Browser Plugin but have one or more applications on your end-user dashboard that require it, you are prompted on the dashboard to install the plugin.

The plugin is updated frequently. You are prompted to install the latest version if necessary. See Okta Browser Plugin version history.

What you can do with the Okta Browser Plugin

Automatically sign in to apps

If you go directly to the sign-in page of certain apps in Okta, the plugin automatically enters your credentials and signs you in without further interaction.

Automatically initiate an Okta sign in

If you are not signed in to Okta and go directly to an application that is Okta-enabled, a pop-up banner appears with a sign-in button. When you attempt to sign in, an Okta window launches and you can sign into the app without having to open the Okta End-User Dashboard.

Automatically fill in credentials on sign-in pages

If you go directly to the sign-in page of some Okta-enabled apps, the pop-up banner provides an option to auto-fill your credentials if automatic sign-in is not enabled.

Automatically insert passwords on password-update pages

When you are on a password update page of some Okta-enabled apps, the pop-up banner can automatically insert your current password.

Update passwords

When you change your password in some Okta-enabled apps, the plugin offers you the option to update Okta with your new password.

Switch between multiple Okta accounts

After you sign in to Okta, you are prompted to trust or reject subsequent Okta accounts the first time you access them. Over time, you can build a list of Okta accounts through the plugin to easily access your apps.

See Switch between accounts with Okta Browser Plugin.

Prevent web browsers from saving sign-in credentials

You can prevent web browsers such as Chrome from saving your sign-in credentials for Okta as well as for third-party apps that you access through the Okta End-User Dashboard.

See Prevent your browser from prompting to save passwords.

Create passwords upon sign up with a new service

Note: This feature is still in Early Access, and is only available if your Admin has enabled this feature.

You can use the plugin to create passwords for apps while you create an account. Once you have added your app to the Okta End-User Dashboard, you can use the app settings panel to modify the sign-in URL for your app.

See View the app settings page.



Do not select the option Never remember history in the Firefox browser, as it makes the Okta Browser Plugin inoperative.

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