About application behaviors

When creating an application configuration in Access Gateway, the Settings pane contains the core application configuration and is divided into three sub-tabs or panes:

  • Essentials - Essential application configuration required by all applications, such as label, public domain, protected Web resource, and so on.
  • Advanced - Advanced settings, such as session duration, session time-outs, certificates, and more.
  • Behaviors - Application behaviors that you can customize to perform specialized operations on application events, such as sign out, error, and more.


  • Provide a specialized mechanism for handling a variety of unusual or unexpected conditions.
  • Allow for the definition of specialized actions such as:
    • Sign out - Define actions when users sign out.
    • Error - Define actions based on errors.
    • Policy - Define actions based on denying policy.
    • Inactive or offline applications - Define actions based on unavailable applications.