Health checks for load balancing

Access Gateway load balanced protected resources can be managed automatically using health checks. Load balancing health checks:

  • Are optional when configuring Access Gateway load balancing.
  • Are disabled by default.
  • Use HTTP Get operations to determine back end resource health.
  • Can be configured in terms of expected HTTP return code, test interval, time-outs and more.

Protected web resources can be in one of three states:



Active Initial state, host entered and active but health unknown.

When health checks are disabled, protected web resources never leave this state.

Healthy Host is responding based on health check settings.
Unhealthy Host isn't responding; new requests won't be routed to it.

Health check fields

Field Value


Path URI to resource used in health check. /
Method HTTP method used. Always GET
Status code HTTP status code used to determine health. 200
Interval Interval between health checks in seconds. 10
Request timeout Health check request timeout in seconds. 1
Healthy threshold Number of successful requests before a host is considered healthy. 3
Unhealthy threshold Number of failed requests before a host is considered unhealthy. 3