Header reference architecture

This reference architecture describes the components, flow and version requirements for integrating general header applications and Access Gateway .



Header Architecture


  1. User signs in to Okta.
  2. Okta send user identity SAML to Access Gateway.
  3. Access Gateway adds required application attributes to header and forwards request to back end application.
  4. Application performs request and returns results to Access Gateway.
  5. Access Gateway performs rewrites and returns request to user.

Components and requirements

Component Description and requirements
Okta Access Gateway All versions of Okta Access Gateway support Header applications.
Back end header application

No specific back end version requirements.

External URL External URL specified by the Public Domain field within Access Gateway.
For example: https://ext-header.example.com

Internal URL

Internal URL specified by the Protected Web Resource field within Access Gateway.
For example: https://int-header.example.com:<port>