Confirm Oracle Application Express application attributes

Attributes are used to pass information from Access Gateway to the back end protected web resource using header fields. Oracle Application Express applications require multiple attributes but can take advantage of other attributes.
During this task we will confirm required attributes and add any additional attributes.

  1. Confirm that the attribute match those required by the Oracle Application Express application.



    If required, use the Edit () icon to modify the name and other values associated with each attribute.
    Add or modify any additional required attributes. See Application attributes. for more information on attribute options.

  2. Add any additional attributes, then click Done when complete.

Add or modify any required attributes. See Application attributes for more information on the attribute options.

Managing application attributes

Attributes may be added, deleted or modified for a given application.

Attributes may be added, deleted or modified for a given application.

To add an attribute, click the plus icon.Add attribute(plus) icon.
To delete an attribute, select its row and click the delete iconDelete attribute(trash can) icon.
To modify an existing attribute, select its row and click Edit.Modify attribute(pencil) icon.

  1. Click the (+) icon
  2. From the Data Source drop-down box, select an appropriate data source.
  3. From the Field drop-down box, select a field name.
  4. From the Type drop-down box, select the appropriate target type as either Header or Cookie.
  5. In the Name field, enter the name for the header or cookie value expected by the legacy application.
    For example, to map the IDP field username to the header field login, create an attribute resembling:
    Example of creating an attribute mapping of idP field login to to header field username.  In this example the following where selected: Data source = IDP, field=login, type=header and name=username,
  6. Click Okay when the attribute is complete.