Manage log verbosity

Access Gateway enables you to configure the level of detail you want to store in your logs.

Log verbosity doesn't impact log forwarding. All events are forwarded regardless of the log verbosity setting.

This table lists the default logging level for components in Access Gateway:


Default logging level

SimpleSAMLphp Notice
Kerberos Info
Access Gateway UI service* Info
Access Gateway Management console service Info
Underlying shell scripts Info

* The Access Gateway Admin UI console service emits log events based on the Access Gateway Management console debug setting, but isn't filtered by log verbosity.

Configure the level of log verbosity

  1. Go to your Access Gateway instance.
  2. Select the Backups and Logs tab.
  3. Select the Log Storage pane.
  4. In the Storage management section, click Edit.
  5. Select the radio button next to the required log event level.
    • Debug: Use this setting for initial setup or for troubleshooting. This option records all events.
    • Info: Use this setting for daily monitoring requirements.
    • Warning: Use this setting to store only warnings. This option consumes less disk space than the Info level.
    • Error: Use this setting only when you have set up a log forwarder and to store only error events. This option consumes less disk space than the Warning, Info, or Debug levels.

      When you change the log event level, existing events in your log below that level are discarded.

  6. Click Save.

Take extreme care when changing logging levels. Specifying a logging level of ALL could quickly fill existing disk space. Specifying a log level above Info could result in lost events.

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