Application integration FAQ

Can I modify application or SAML attributes in my Okta org?

No. After you add an app using the Access Gateway Admin UI console, don't modify the Access Gateway application attributes in your Okta org. And never change an application's SAML attributes in your Okta org.

Okta orgs don't push application or SAML attribute changes to Access Gateway. If you changed these attributes in your Okta org, and then made application or SAML updates in Access Gateway, the Access Gateway changes overwrite the changes you made in your Okta org.

Can I modify application groups, such as Everyone, in both Okta and Access Gateway?

Yes. You can assign an application to a group, such as Everyone, in both the Access Gateway Admin UI console and the Okta org. Changes you make in one environment are updated into the other.

Can I make configuration changes in the Okta Admin Console?

Yes. You can modify groups and sign-in policies, hide or display the application tiles, and activate and deactivate the application using the Okta Admin Console.

How do I completely delete an application from Access Gateway?

You can use the Okta Admin Console to deactivate and delete applications that you set up in Access Gateway. However, the application isn't deleted from Access Gateway. To completely remove an application from Access Gateway, you must delete it using the Access Gateway Admin UI console. Next, in your Okta org, disable the app and delete it from your org.

I accidentally deleted an Access Gateway application from my Okta org. Can I restore it?

Yes. You can recreate Access Gateway applications in your Okta org by opening the application for edit in Access Gateway. When Access Gateway asks if you want to recreate the application, select Yes. Any changes that you made in the Okta Admin Console, such as changing group assignments, are lost and you must reconfigure them.

Can I process data in a third-party product before Okta passes it to Access Gateway?

Yes. There are several ways to do this:

  • Configure an Okta SAML Hook to change data. If the app is updated in the Access Gateway, the hook information is lost.
  • Use Universal Directory to store the modified data in a custom attribute in the Okta user profile.
  • Use Access Gateway Data Stores to connect to either an LDAP or SQL database. You can use that Data Store to add additional application data.

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