Basic health check

This check list can be used to identify the root cause of most issues and to ensure that all relevant components of the solution are working properly.

Component Validation
1 Access Gateway

Are the required DNS entries in place? Including addresses for:

  • Access Gateway Admin UI console

  • AuthN endpoint

  • Public endpoint for application

Is the Access Gateway reachable?

  • Access Access Gateway box should be reachable on port 443 from internal/external networks
2 Okta

Is your Okta org configured?

  • The Okta service account used to synchronize AD should be enabled

  • The Okta service account used to create Access Gateway API key should be enabled

  • The Okta service account should own the API key

Is the Okta API key that was used to configure Access Gateway active?

3 Internal Application protected by Access Gateway

Is the back-end app up and running (all endpoints)?

Is the back-end app reachable without Access Gateway?

Is Access Gateway able to reach the application?
The following items should also be validated:

  • Correct hostname/IP configured in Access Gateway

  • DNS resolves the hostname

  • If the host is not added in DNS, is it available in local hosts file of Access Gateway VM?

  • Is correct port used for backend app integration?

  • Is the correct protocol in use for the back-end app integration (HTTP/HTTPS)?

4 Firewall

Is the firewall allowing all the traffic to and from Access Gateway?

Can Access Gateway y communicate with each back-end application endpoint?

Can Access Gateway communicate with Okta (TCP 443)?