Reset Access Gateway and verify

To reset the Access Gateway instance:

Sign in to the Access Gateway Management console in the window opened by Oracle VirtualBox.

Username: oag-mgmt
Password: <default-password>

At the command line main menu:

  1. Select 5 System.
  2. Select 7 - Reset.
  3. Select Y to clear the configuration.
  4. Select Y to initialize the system.




The instance will pause for 1-2 minutes during reset.

After the system is successfully initialized, press any key to return to the menu.

Verify Configuration

  1. Press x to return to the main menu.
  2. Select 1 - Network .
  3. Select 2 - Test network configuration.
    Okta Access Gateway will attempt to contact and report any errors.
  4. Select 7 - Connectivity test.
    Enter as host and 443 as port.
  5. Confirm that the connection was successful.