Associate certificates

During this task you will associate a certificate with an Access Gateway application.

You can associate certificates with back-end applications in one of the two ways:

To upload a certificate to Access Gateway, see Upload certificates.

Generate self-signed certificate

By default, a wildcard self-signed certificate is created and assigned to the application when the application is initially created.

To generate and associate a self signed certificate.

  1. Click Generate self -signed certificateA self-signed certificate is created and automatically assigned to the application, including the following information. Any prior self-signed certificate for the application will be removed.


    Automatically selected and assigned to current application.

    Common nameBased on associated Public domain specified in the Essentials tab.




    Access Gateway

    ExpirationValid for two years from data of assignment.
  2. Modify any other application settings as required. Click Done to save or Cancel to abandon your changes.

Select an uploaded certificate

To associate a previously uploaded certificate:

  1. Select an existing certificate from the list of provided certificates. See Upload certificates. Use the Search field to narrow the set of certificates by common name.

    Certificates set to expire in the next 30 days show their expiration information in red.

  2. From the list of displayed certificates, select the appropriate certificate.
  3. Modify any other application settings as required and click Done to save changes.