Associate certificates

Associate a certificate with an Access Gateway application.

By default, when you create an app, the system generates and assigns a self-signed wildcard certificate to the app. This certificate includes the following information:

  • Common Name: Based on the associated public domain specified in the Essentials tab.

  • SANs: None.

  • Issuer: Access Gateway.

  • Expiration: Valid for two years from date of assignment.

There are two ways that you can associate certificates with back-end applications:

Generate a self-signed certificate

  1. Click Generate self -signed certificate. This creates a self-signed certificate and assigns it to the app, replacing any previously assigned certificate. This replacement doesn't remove uploaded certificates.
  2. Modify application settings as required. Click Done.

Select an uploaded certificate

  1. If required, upload a certificate. See Upload certificates.
  2. Select a certificate from the list of available certificates. Use the Search field to narrow the set of certificates by Common Name.
  3. Modify application settings as required. Click Done.