Amazon Web Services deployment tasks

To deploy Access Gateway to Amazon Web Services (AWS):



Download the latest OVA image Download current version of the Access Gateway OVA.
Install and configure AWS command line support Many of the tasks required for AWS can be done at the command line.
Determine your AWS region AWS regions represent geographical locations where virtual machines are housed.
Upload Access Gateway OVA: Uploading the Access Gateway into AWS involves:
  • Creating an S3 bucket.
  • Uploading the OVA to the bucket.
Convert Access Gateway OVA to AWS AMI: AWS requires AMI rather then OVA files. To convert an OVA to an AMI:
  • Create required roles and policy.
  • Grant role to bucket.
  • VMImport OVA from bucket.
Perform AWS Specific post installation tasks: Most virtualization environments require some post installation tasks. For AWS this includes:
  • Launch instance.
  • Obtain and AWS Elastic IP Address.