Configure and manage high availability

Available since Access Gateway version 2020.02.1
Configuring high availability is composed of the following tasks:

  • Configure worker nodes - Configure one or more worker nodes to handle requests.
  • Configure admin node - Configure admin node. Generate a token used by the worker node to interface with the admin node.
  • Reset keys - Access Gateway is configured with a default set of keys, which must be reset on nodes used for high availability.

Managing high availability is composed of the following tasks:
  • Check high availability status - Examine the status of all nodes in a high availability cluster.
  • Listing nodes - List all currently configured nodes.
  • Remove node - Remove a worker node from a high availability cluster.
  • Synchronize worker - Force a synchronization of a worker that might have been offline, or for some other reason unreachable, during a previous update.


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