Add custom behaviors


  • Provide a specialized mechanism for handling a variety of unusual or unexpected conditions.
  • Allow for the definition of specialized actions such as:
    • Sign out: Define actions when users sign out.
    • Error: Define actions based on errors.
    • Policy: Define actions based on denying policy.
    • Inactive or offline applications: Define actions based on unavailable applications.

To add custom behaviors to an application:

  1. Open the Access Gateway Admin UI console
  2. Select the Application tab.
  3. In the row containing the previously created application, click Edit ( ).
  4. Expand the Behaviors sub-tab.
  5. Go to the Policy Denied section.
  6. Select Return 403 status code.
  7. Click Done.

Test the application

  1. In the row containing the application, click Goto application > SP Initiated.
  2. Sign in to your Okta tenant using a valid account.
  3. Modify the URL to append /deny.
  4. Refresh the browser. If the user was in the Everyone group, then the request should return 403 Forbidden.

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