Test Metrics monitoring using ReST

The Access Gateway /metrics REST API endpoint is used to return node specific metrics.
The following curl example returns information using the /metrics endpoint.

To perform a metrics request HTTP request you will need to specify the following:

Protocol HTTPS
Request GET
IP IP Address of admin or worker node

The following curl example requests current status using the /metrics endpoint.

For example:

  • -X GET - Make a get request. default, optional.
  • -v - Verbose. Optional
  • -k - Insecure
curl -X GET -v
curl -X GET -v http://gw.atko.com:8889/metrics

On success

Returns 200 on success followed by the current set of metrics.
See Supported metrics for more information.
For example:

#HELP OAG_go_goroutines Number of goroutines that currently exist. #TYPE OAG_go_goroutines gauge OAG_go_goroutines 7 . . . # HELP OAG_syslog_ng_service_state The current state of syslog_ng service # TYPE OAG_syslog_ng_service_state gauge OAG_syslog_ng_service_state 1

On error

Times out or returns 404 on error.
For example:

404 page not found