Okta Access Gateway one day admin

Okta Access Gateway 1 Day Admin is quick start process that teaches you how to deploy and configure Access Gateway.The goal of this tutorial is to help you understand the concepts behind Okta Access It teaches you have to perform common administrative tasks needed to deploy Access Gateway, integrate applications, and perform other basic activities.
Overall the goal is to help you perform the specific tasks required to get your Access Gateway up and running.


Access Gateway One Day Admin is for anyone who wants to perform basic deployment and integration tasks with Access Gateway. Administrators following this guide should have a complete, highly available Access Gateway cluster when complete. Developers can skip the high availability sections and go to sections on creating a complete development environment.

No experience with Access Gateway is required, but you'll need a basic knowledge of networks, firewalls, and high availability.
This guide covers the following tasks:

  1. Deploy Access Gateway
  2. Integrate Access Gateway with your Okta org as an IDP
  3. Integrate an application
  4. Configure an Access Gateway High Availability cluster

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