Add an Okta group for an Access Gateway application

All Access Gateway applications require one or more groups. These groups are used to grant or deny access to the protected applications resources. You must define one or more groups representing the sections of your application being protected in your Okta tenant. When a complex policy is required, multiple groups may be required.

During this task we will define a group using the Okta console, within your Okta org, that can be associated with an Access Gateway application.

A group is a logical container for the users associated with an application.

It's a best practice to use groups to organize user access to Access Gateway apps. You can create groups specific to the apps, or reuse existing groups. See Users, groups, and profiles.

To define a group in your Okta org:

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Directory > Groups.
  2. Click Add Group.
  3. Complete the fields in the Add group dialog.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Add the people to the group who should have access to the app.