Application process flow

Troubleshooting applications requires a general methodology or process. This guide describes a general troubleshooting process, involving applications, logs, DNS and related areas. In general application troubleshooting involves these areas:

SP initiated flow:
Access Gateway sp initiated flow
  1. User accesses application (by url).
  2. Access Gateway intercepts the request. If the session is invalid, it redirects the user for authentication on Okta.
  3. On success, the user is sent back to Access Gateway which creates a session and then...
  4. Forwards the request to the application.
  5. The application then handles the request and the result is returned.
IDP Initiated flow:
Access Gateway idp initiated flow
  1. User signs in to Okta.
  2. User selects app.Okta send app with auth to Access Gateway.
  3. Access Gateway proxies to the enterprise application.
  4. Application generates result which is returned to user.