About application cookie headers fields

Application cookie fields are stored in the application requests Cookie header field as a semi-colon-separated list. They're created and populated by Access Gateway for application requests and are communicated to back-end protected web application, by Access Gateway only.
See Application attributes for more information about application attributes as well as all attribute sources and targets.

An example cookie header is shown below, where the additional static attribute exampleCookieField was added with the value exampleValue.

Cookie cookie firstname=Santa; lastname=Claus; staticcookie=1234; exampleCookieField=exampleValue; oagAMCookie=q98coutchcergs043e4jgqg81k; oagAuthToken=_35ab8. . . 764b7; SessionCookie=d3e99...2cab; agw-a=agw-a; agw-c=agw-c