Load balancing

Available since Access Gateway version 2022.2.3

Access Gateway includes the ability to act as a load balancer for protected web resources. Access Gateway load balancing:

  • Is per application and defined using the Access Gateway Admin UI console.
  • Is disabled by default and applications are defined with a single protected web resource.
  • Uses two or more protected web resources to route traffic to multiple back end protected web resources.
  • Uses weights to determine where new sessions should be directed.
    Weight can be from 1 to 100, with 0 representing not in use. Other weights represent the relative weight between all defined hosts. For example, given three hosts, all weighted 1, Access Gateway would route new requests equally or 33% to each host.
  • Uses sticky sessions to route second and subsequent requests to the same replicated back end protected web resource.
  • Can use health checks to test and remove protected web resources from the load balancing pool.

Typical Access Gateway Load Balancer Architecture