Oracle PeopleSoft reference architecture

This reference architecture describes the components, flow and version requirements for integrating Oracle PeopleSoft and Access Gateway.



PeopleSoft Architecture

Flow (IDP)

  1. User signs in.
  2. Send user identity to Access Gateway.
  3. Access Gateway redirects request and sends PS_USER as header field, to Oracle PeopleSoft.
  4. Peoplesoft application responds to request.
  5. Access Gateway rewrites response and returns result to requester.

Components and requirements

Component Description and requirements
Okta Access Gateway All versions of Okta Access Gateway support Oracle PeopleSoft
Oracle PeopleSoft

Supported versions:

  • v9.2.00 or later.

Okta attributes

logon in the form of an email address.

Header attributes

Header attributes passed by Access Gateway to the Oracle PeopleSoft application:

External URL External URL specified by the Public Domain field within Access Gateway.
For example:
Internal URL Internal URL and port specified by the Protected Web Resource field within Access Gateway.
For example: