Add attributes

Attributes can pass information as header fields from Access Gateway to a back-end protected resource. You can add attributes as required by the resource.

Manage app attributes

You can add, delete, and modify app attributes.

To add an attribute, click the plus icon. Add attribute icon.
To delete an attribute, select its row and click the delete icon Delete attribute icon.
To modify an existing attribute, select its row and click Edit. Modify attribute icon.

For example, to add an attribute:

  1. Click the (+) icon
  2. Select a Data Source from the dropdown list.
  3. Select a Field.
  4. Choose to make the attribute type either a Header or a Cookie from the Type dropdown list.
  5. Enter a Name for the attribute, based on the value expected by the legacy application.
  6. Click Okay when the attribute is complete.

Next steps

Add required policy