Test the no-auth app

The following steps assign the application to a test account and then execute the application to verify basic functionality.

Assign the application

  1. Sign in to your Okta tenant as an administrator.
  2. In the Admin Console, go to ApplicationsApplications.
  3. Click the name of the newly added header application.
  4. Select the Assignments tab.
  5. Select .AssignAssign To People.
  6. Select an appropriate user and click Assign.

    Testing is typically initially done using the same user who is associated with administering Access Gateway.

  7. Click Done.

Execute the application

  1. Return to the Access Gateway Admin UI console.

  2. On the row representing the newly added no-auth app, select Goto applicationSP Initiated.

    Use goto application > SP Initiated menu to test the no-auth application.

  3. Verify the Results page displays all expected attribute values and that the No-auth App sent the expected profile information.
  4. Close the Results page.