Troubleshoot Oracle E-Business Suite applications

Use the information here to troubleshoot and resolve common Oracle E-Business Suite integration application issues.

Certificate does not specify OCSP responder/CRL error

Using a custom security appliance and issuing certificates on fly -can cause issues with Java Web Start

Java Console error:

Try the following solution(s):

  • Disable the application issuing certificates on the fly.

EBS Database inaccessible

EBS Database host name error

During validation the following error occurred:

  • Oracle EBS SSO Agent validation failure (Validation of EBS Connectivity failed, Database connectivity failed)

Try the following solution(s):

  • Ensure the EBS database allows network connections to and from Access Gateway nodes.
  • Ensure that the value of the HOST parameter in DBC file can be resolved by Access Gateway.
    For example, examine the DBC file, and search for (HOST\
    Test using the command line console connectivity test found in Network > Connectivity test command in Command Line Management Console reference

EBS invalid user

When logging in to the EBS app an Access Denied error is displayed.

Try the following solution(s):

  • Confirm the EBS_USER attribute value.
    The value of this header must be a correct EBS username in all capitals (for example: JSMITH).
  • If the EBS username is not the same as oag_username or Okta login , organizations can create an application-specific usernames.
    Confirm that the generated value is correct and all in upper case.

IE 11 Cookie error

Access Gateway is using the embedded EBS SDK to query EBS for the value associated with the HTTPSOnly flag. Depending on the EBS version/patch level, this feature may already be enabled in EBS instances.

An example example cookie that shows this issue:
EBSDB=97qayrxbV5kP4P8CY1Y1mllBjX; Version=1; Path=“/; HTTPOnly”;; Discard; Secure Notice that Path is set to “/; HTTPOnly”.
Chrome and FireFox and other browsers are able handle the double quotes where Microsoft Internet Explorer cannot.

Try the following solution(s):

  • On the default policy set an advanced directive of proxy_cookie_path '"' '';.

404 error returned for valid URL

When accessing a protected web resource, a 404 return code is returned for known valid URLS.

Java application servers typically return 404 for unauthorized access to a web application

Try the following solution(s):

  • Ensure Access Gateway is sending all the required header attributes and that the attributes contain valid values. Testing with static, known good values is a best practice first step.
  • Check the protected application’s logs on the application server itself to determine the underlying error.