Add a certificate to the sample policy application

During this task we will assign a certificate to a Sample policy application.

While optional, Okta recommends that all applications include certificates.
See Certificate use for general information about certificate.
See Certificate management for a general task flow for obtaining and assigning certificates.

Click Next to skip assigning a certificate and move on to the next task, adding additional attributes.

  1. Expand the Certificates tab.

    By default, when you create the app, the system generates a self-signed wildcard certificate and assigns it to the app.

  2. Optional. Click Generate self-signed certificate. A self-signed certificate is created and automatically assigned to the app.

  3. Optional. Select an existing certificate from the list. Use the Search field to narrow the set of certificates by common name. Use the page forward (>)and backward(<) arrows to navigate through the list of available certificates.

  4. Move on to the next task or click Done.