Add attributes

Add one or more attributes.

Attributes pass information from Access Gateway to a protected resource and help make policy decisions.

  1. Click Next to switch to the Attributes tab.
  2. Click +. The Add new Attribute window opens after the list of existing attributes.

  3. Complete the fields in the Add new Attribute dialog for the attribute (see About application attribute elements):

    Field Description
    Data source Source of the attribute. One of IDP, Static, Secret, Auth Context or App Context. See Application attribute data stores.
    Field Field name from the fields supported by the selected data source (for example, firstName). Static and Secret fields are arbitrary text values.
    Type Select Header.
    Name Unique name for the value in the cookie header (for example, fieldName).
  4. Click Okay to add the new field. Repeat the preceding steps to add more attributes.

  5. Click Done. Access Gateway adds the new app and redirects to the Applications tab.