Manage Okta Support access to Access Gateway

You can choose whether to allow Okta Support to connect to Access Gateway. By default, Okta Support can't connect to Access Gateway.

Define a valid identity provider (IdP) before you enable Okta Support access. An error appears if you attempt to enable Okta Support access before you enable an Okta IdP.

To allow Okta Support to access your Access Gateway:

  1. Sign in to the Access Gateway Admin UI console.

  2. Select Support

  3. Enable Okta support access to allow Okta Support to sign in to Access Gateway as an administrator.

  4. Click Confirm to complete enabling support access. Alternatively, you can manage support access using the command-line interface. See Support connection.

    When Okta support access is enabled, the UI displays the Tunnel IP address that Okta Support can use to connect to Access Gateway.

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