Install and configure Microsoft Azure Command-Line Interface

You can use the Azure Command-Line Interface (CLI) to perform various tasks when you deploy Access Gateway to a Microsoft Azure environment. The CLI lets you accomplish some tasks much faster than using other methods, including some tasks that the Microsoft Azure GUI doesn't support.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have:

  • A Microsoft Azure account
  • Access to a supported environment (for example, Windows, Linux, or macOS).

Install the Command-Line Interface

  1. Navigate to the Microsoft Azure CLI overview page.
  2. From the Download section, select an appropriate environment.
  3. Follow the appropriate instructions to download and install the Azure CLI to your environment.

Configure Azure environment

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft Azure environment:az login
  2. The Microsoft Azure sign-in page opens. Sign in using appropriate credentials.
  3. On success, the console displays your account details, including your subscriptions.