Create Instance in OCI

After importing an image to Oracle Cloud an instance must be created.

  1. Navigate to ComputeCustom Images.
  2. In the row containing the newly imported Access Gateway image click the . . . and choose Create Instance:
  3. In the Create Instance page enter a name for the image such as Access Gateway vX.Y
  4. Click Show Shape.
    Click show shape to select an appropriate shape.
  5. Scroll to the Instance Shape section and click Change Shape to select a different shape.
    Shapes represent combinations of cpu and memory and are defined by your Oracle Cloud. See Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI): Compute Shapes for more information.

    Click change shape to select a different shape.
  6. Click Create.
    Oracle Cloud will then provision the new instance.

    Depending on system load, instance provisioning can take upwards of 20-30 minutes.

    Note the value of the external IP address for the instance:

At the time of this writing instance creation of OVA at the command line level was not supported by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.