Improve AWS load balancer health monitoring

Define a no-auth helper application for use with AWS load balancing health monitoring.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have access to:

  • The AWS EC2 console, used to determine the internal IP address of Access Gateway high availability instances.
  • The Access Gateway admin console running in AWS.


  1. Determine internal AWS IP addresses:
    1. Open a browser to the AWS EC2 console at
    2. Sign in to the AWS Console.
    3. Scroll to and expand Instances.
    4. Click Instances.
    5. Examine the list of instances. Note the Private IP Address of each cluster member.

      If the private IP address is inactive, click Settings and selectPrivate IP Address to activate it.

  2. Create no-auth applications:

      For each high availability node, create a no-auth application associated with the private IP address. These applications return a value of 200 on success. 200 is the default HTTP return code for a healthy instance.

      1. Return to or open a browser to the Access Gateway Admin UI console.
      2. Select the Applications tab.
      3. For each IP address, create an associated application:
        1. Click Add.
        2. Select No-auth.
        3. In the Essentials tab, specify:
          NameAn appropriate name for the application, such as LBHealth-Admin, where the suffix distinguishes the application from other health monitoring applications.
          Public DomainEnter the associated public IP address.

          Protected Web Resource

          Leave unchanged as initially populated by wizard.

        4. Click Next. The Attributes tab opens.
        5. Click Next. The Policies tab opens.
        6. Click Done.
  3. Configure Load Balancer to use HTTP 200 return code:
    1. Return to the AWS Console.
    2. In the navigation pane, under Load Balancing, click Load Balancers. This displays a list of all defined load balancers.
    3. Select the load balancer that you created.
    4. Select the Health Check tab.
    5. Click Edit Health Check.
    6. Change the return code to 200.
    7. Click Save.