Initialize the Access Gateway Admin UI console

Once an Access Gateway instance is running, you initialize it by assigning it a cookie domain. This domain represents the general domain that the Access Gateway instance is protecting.

  1. Open https://admin/ in your browser and sign in using the default credentials. See Default Access Gateway credentials.
  2. Access Gateway prompts you to change the default password. See Initial sign in to Access Gateway Admin UI console.
  3. Configure the DNS entries for the Access Gateway instance:




    Access Gateway domaingw.mysite.mycompany.comThe default endpoint used to provide Access Gateway authentication and authorization services.
    Access Gateway admin domaingw-admin.mysite.mycompany.comThe endpoint used to provide admin UI services. Use this domain to access the local admin app.
    Access Gateway default cookie domainmysite.mycompany.comThe default cookie domain used for Access Gateway.

    Use lower case letters for the domain names.

  4. Click Done.
  5. Return to the Access Gateway browser and sign in again using the new admin domain.
  6. The Access Gateway Admin Topology page appears.