Add custom behaviors


  • Provide a specialized mechanism for handling a variety of unusual or unexpected conditions.
  • Allow for the definition of specialized actions such as:
    • Sign out: Define actions when users sign out.
    • Error: Define actions based on errors.
    • Policy: Define actions based on denying policy.
    • Inactive or offline applications: Define actions based on unavailable applications.

To add custom behaviors to an application:

  1. Open the (Undefined variable: okta-feature-names.Access Gateway UI).
  2. Select the Application tab.
  3. In the row containing the previously created application, click Edit ( ).
  4. Expand the Behaviors section.
  5. Go to the Policy Denied section.
  6. Select Return 403 status code.
  7. Click Done.

Test the application

  1. In the row containing the application, click Goto applicationSP Initiated.

  2. Sign in to your Okta tenant using a valid account.
  3. Append /deny to the URL.
  4. Refresh the browser. If the user was in the Everyone group, then the request should return 403 Forbidden.

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