Supported metrics

The Access Gateway /metrics REST API endpoint returns metrics, including:

  • Cluster - information about the Access Gateway cluster.
  • CPU - Information about CPU use.
  • Disk usage - Information about disk use
  • Engine - Information about the Access Gateway engine and current requests being handled.
  • Input/output - Information about Access Gateway node input/output.
  • Memory - Information about Access Gateway node memory use.
  • Network - information about Access Gateway network interfaces.
  • Swap- Information Access Gateway node swap use.

The following is a partial list of data returned by the metrics monitoring subsystem. For a complete list, run the curl command:

curl http://{access gateway host}:8889/metrics | grep OAG_


Metrics specific to the Access Gateway cluster:

Field Type Description Sample
OAG_ha_worker_node_number_master The total number of worker nodes in a high availability cluster OAG_ha_worker_node_number_master.2
OAG_ha_last_sync_timestamp_worker[1-N] The last time this worker synched its configuration with the admin node. 2021-07-13T17:14:30.245111414-050 2021-07-13T17:14:30.245111414-050

. . .


Metrics specific to CPU use:

Field Type Description Sample
OAG_node_cpu_guest_seconds_total counter Seconds the CPUs spent in guests (VMs) for each mode. OAG_node_cpu_guest_seconds_total{cpu="0",mode="nice"} 0

OAG_node_cpu_guest_seconds_total{cpu="0",mode="user"} 0

OAG_node_cpu_seconds_total Seconds CPU seconds spent in each mode (idle, iowait,irg,nice,softirq,steal,system,user). OAG_node_cpu_seconds_total{cpu="0",mode="idle"} 107901.23000000001
OAG_process_cpu_seconds_total counter Total user and system CPU time spent in seconds. OAG_process_cpu_seconds_total 1609.11

Disk usage

Metrics specific to disk or filesystem usage:


Field Type Description Sample
OAG_node_disk_write_time_seconds_total Counter Total number of seconds spent by all writes OAG_node_disk_write_time_seconds_total{device="sda"} 263.004
OAG_node_disk_io_now Gauge The number of I/Os currently in progress. OAG_node_disk_io_now{device="sda"} 0
OAG_node_disk_read_bytes_total Counter The total number of bytes read successfully OAG_node_disk_read_bytes_total{device="sda"} 3.2292334592e+10
OAG_node_disk_writes_completed_total Counter The total number of writes completed successfully. OAG_node_disk_writes_completed_total{device="sda"} 462522

File system

Field Type Description Sample
OAG_node_filesystem_avail_bytes Gauge Current available bytes for the given device OAG_node_filesystem_avail_bytes{device="/dev/sda1",fstype="xfs",mountpoint="/boot"} 8.90068992e+08
OAG_node_filesystem_device_error Gauge Current errors for the given device OAG_node_filesystem_device_error{device="/dev/sda1",fstype="xfs",mountpoint="/boot"} 0
OAG_node_filesystem_files Gauge Current total files in use for the given device OAG_node_filesystem_files{device="/dev/sda1",fstype="xfs",mountpoint="/boot"} 524288
OAG_node_filesystem_files_free Gauge Current file files for the given device OAG_node_filesystem_files_free{device="/dev/sda1",fstype="xfs",mountpoint="/boot"} 523986
OAG_node_filesystem_free_bytes Gauge Current free byles for the given device OAG_node_filesystem_free_bytes{device="/dev/sda1",fstype="xfs",mountpoint="/boot"} 8.90068992e+08
OAG_node_filesystem_readonly Gauge For the given device, is the device marked read only? OAG_node_filesystem_readonly{device="/dev/sda1",fstype="xfs",mountpoint="/boot"} 0
OAG_node_filesystem_size_bytes Gauge Size, in bytes, of the given device OAG_node_filesystem_size_bytes{device="/dev/sda1",fstype="xfs",mountpoint="/boot"} 1.063256064e+09


Metrics specific to the Access Gateway engine:

Field Type Description Sample
OAG_nginx_accepted_connections gauge The total number of accepted client connections. OAG_nginx_accepted_connections 1872
OAG_nginx_active_connections gauge The current number of active client connections including Waiting connections.

OAG_nginx_active_connections 1

OAG_nginx_handled_connections gauge The total number of handled connections. OAG_nginx_handled_connections 1872
OAG_nginx_reading_number gauge

The current number of connections where nginx is reading the request header.

OAG_nginx_reading_number 0
OAG_nginx_requests_number gauge

The total number of client requests.

OAG_nginx_requests_number 1872

OAG_nginx_waiting_number gauge The current number of idle client connections waiting for a request. OAG_nginx_waiting_number 1
OAG_nginx_writing_number gauge The current number of connections where nginx is writing the response back to the client. OAG_nginx_writing_number 1


Metrics specific to I/O:

Field Type Description Sample
OAG_node_disk_io_now Gauge The number of I/Os currently in progress. OAG_node_disk_io_now{device="sda"} 0
OAG_node_disk_read_bytes_total Counter The total number of bytes read successfully for the given device OAG_node_disk_read_bytes_total{device="dm-0"} 4.544185344e+09
OAG_node_disk_reads_completed_total Counter The total number of reads completed successfully OAG_node_disk_reads_completed_total{device="sda"} 794780
OAG_node_disk_written_bytes_total Counter The total number of bytes written successfully. OAG_node_disk_written_bytes_total{device="dm-0"} 6.45924352e+08
OAG_node_disk_write_time_seconds_total Counter This is the total number of seconds spent by all writes. OAG_node_disk_write_time_seconds_total{device="sda"} 263.004


Metrics specific to memory and memory use:

Field Type Description Sample
OAG_node_memory_MemTotal_bytes Gauge Total memory bytes OAG_node_memory_MemTotal_bytes 8.50817024e+08
OAG_node_memory_MemAvailable_bytes Gauge Total available memory node_memory_MemAvailable_bytes 3.12557568e+08


Metrics specific to network:

Field Type Description Sample
OAG_node_network_up Gauge Value is 1 if 'up', 0 otherwise. OAG_node_network_up{device="eth0"} 1



Receiver dropped bytes by device.

OAG_node_network_receive_drop_total{device="eth0"} 0

OAG_node_network_receive_errs_total Counter Receive errors by device. OAG_node_network_receive_errs_total{device="eth0"} 0
OAG_node_network_receive_bytes_total Counter Total byte received by device OAG_node_network_receive_bytes_total{device="eth0"} 2.67075139e+08
OAG node_network_info Gauge Data from /sys/class/net/<iface>, value is always 1. OAG_node_network_info{address="00:0c:29:21:07:37",broadcast="ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff",device="eth0",duplex="full",ifalias="",operstate="up"} 1


Metrics specific to swapping:

Field Type Description Sample
OAG_node_memory_SwapCached_bytes gauge Memory information field SwapCached_bytes

OAG_node_memory_SwapCached_bytes 6.5548288e+07

OAG_node_memory_SwapFree_bytes gauge Memory information field SwapFree_bytes. OAG_node_memory_SwapFree_bytes 1.595404288e+09
OAG_node_memory_SwapTotal_bytes gauge Memory information field SwapTotal_bytes OAG_node_memory_SwapTotal_bytes 2.147479552e+09