Troubleshoot upgrades

Common problems and solutions for troubleshooting the Access Gateway upgrade process.

Topics is unreachable

If the Access Gateway yum repository is unreachable, an upgrade error resembling the following appears:

Ensure that the repository is reachable from the Access Gateway node you're upgrading. You can test access using various commands.

If you require finer controls to access, you can configure access by IP address. You can discover IP addresses using a tool such as NSLookup.

Using the Access Gateway Management console, go to Network, choose d, and then enter For example:

Access Gateway Administration ... 1 - Network ... Choice: 1 [cr] Access Gateway Network Setup . . . 1 - Manage network interfaces . . . d - DNS Lookup Choice: d [cr] IP Address/Hostname to lookup: [cr] IP Address/Hostname of DNS server: [cr] Server: Address: Non-authoritative answer: canonical name = Name: Address: Name: Address:

The traceroute command isn't installed on Access Gateway nodes by default.

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