Provisioning options for Office 365

This topic explains different provisioning options available for an Office 365 app instance in Okta.

Operations supported Provisioning options
Licenses and Roles Management Only Profile Sync User Sync Universal Sync1
Provision Users
Push licenses and roles Y Y Y Y
Create user N Y Y Y
Deactivate user Y Y Y Y
Edit user directly from within Office 365 Y2 Y N3 N4
Sync profile attributes5
Sync basic user profile attributes N Y6 Y Y
Sync limited number of extended attributes in addition to the basic attributes N N Y Y
Sync all extended attributes N N N Y
Sync Active Directory groups and resources7
Sync security groups N N N Y
Sync contacts N N N Y
Sync distribution lists N N N Y
Sync resource mailboxes N N N Y
  • User Sync and Universal Sync can’t be used with Directory Synchronization, Azure Active Directory (AAD) Sync, or Azure Active Directory Connect.
  • Once you select User Sync or Universal Sync, you can’t change your selection back to Profile Sync, unless your org has the Microsoft Graph API feature enabled.
  • Exchange Hybrid isn’t currently supported.