Add app integrations

With Okta app integrations, admins can securely connect users to external applications and systems, manage single sign-on (SSO) options, and user lifecycle operations, including advanced onboarding, device and license management options.

Choose from thousands of existing app integrations in the Okta Integration Network (OIN), or add an app using the Okta Browser Plugin. See Add existing app integrations.

Review detailed instructions on how to install and configure many of the top applications in our Integration guides.

You can create integrations for applications that don't exist in the OIN. See Create custom app integrations to learn how to add an OIDC, SAML, or SWA app to your Okta org.

Administrators also run into situations where end users want simple access to external applications that don't have an Okta app integration. Self Service for app integrations covers how to simplify this access request workflow.


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