Create a UKG Pro report and report ID

To complete the integration with Okta, you need to create a UKG Pro report and report ID.

All UKG Pro reports used in the integration must include an EmployeeNumber field.

  1. Sign in to your UKG Pro instance with administrator permissions.

  2. Click Menu Administration, and then select Business Intelligence.

  3. Click Explore Analytics.

  4. Click New and select Report.

  5. Select the Blank template and click OK.

  6. Click the Pages icon on the toolbar, right-click Report, and then select Open report from clipboard.

  7. Open the Okta UKG Pro report template, copy the contents into the report window, and then click OK. The Okta UKG Pro report template is available here.

  8. Click OK when the report validation completes.

  9. Select Save as, click Collapsed items, and select Team content.

  10. Click the new folder icon, enter Okta for the folder name, enter a name for the report in the Save as field, and click Save.

  11. Click Home, click Action menu (...) for the report you created in step 10, and select Properties.

  12. Expand Advanced and copy the value in the ID field to a text editor.

Next steps

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