System Log

The System Log contains details of all logged events for your org. There are three ways that you can view and monitor various events in your org:

In the Admin Console, go to ReportsSystem Log. For a description of System Log event types, see Event Types.

If the date or time of your org activity isn't correct, try updating your browser to the latest version. Contact an Okta representative if the problem persists.


The System Log displays the following bar graphs about your chosen events:

  • Count of events over time

  • Count of events by category
    Click the Count of events by category link to expand the following graphs:

    • Count of events for each target

    • Count of events for each actor

    • Count of events for each event type

For more information about a data point, hover over any of the bars in the graphs. Narrow the time range of a graph by dragging your mouse over the bars to grab the range you're interested in.

Events table

The events table lists all events and includes information about time, actor, target, and more.

You can:

  • View more data about an event by clicking the right arrow on the corresponding row.

  • Filter events by time, event info, actor, or targets in the table by clicking the column header.

  • Download the entire table by clicking the Download CSV file link.

  • Toggle between the table view and a geolocation view, which displays events on a map.

  • Access the Rate Limit Dashboard using the link provided in the rate limit violation event. See Rate Limits Dashboard.

Filters and search

You can filter events by various parameters and operators in the System Log. By default, the filters display all events for the last seven days. See System Log filters and search for more information.

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