Add a velocity behavior

A velocity behavior is used to define policies based on changes in the end user's geographical location using two subsequent login attempts. Velocity is determined using the time and location of the current authentication request compared to the time and location of the previous successful login from the user. Velocity indicates when the travel between two geographical locations based on time is impossible.

For example, admins can configure polices to prompt for authenticators when the velocity between two authentication requests is 3000 kilometers per hour, which would be equivalent to signing in from New York and then attempting to sign in from Los Angeles less than one hour later.

Start this task

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Security > Behavior Detection.

  2. Click Add Behavior.
  3. From the dropdown list, select Velocity.
  4. In the Behavior Name field, enter a name for the behavior.
  5. In Velocity, enter a value in kilometers per hour that users can't travel faster than between sign-in requests.
  6. Click Save.

Next Step

Add behavior to a Global Session Policy rule

Add behavior condition in an authentication policy rule