Add a social login (IdP)

Adding social logins (IdPs) in Okta enables your end users to self-register with your custom applications by first authenticating through their existing social accounts. For new users signing in to your custom app, you can configure Okta to create a Just In Time (JIT) Okta user profile. The profile is based on attributes stored in your end user's social profiles.

Social accounts like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Microsoft can also serve as targets for IdP Discovery. This feature is built on routing rules that direct end users to an IdP based on context like the user's location, device, or email domain.

Key Benefits of Social Authentication

  • No need to build and maintain your own user database, engineer a sign-on and authentication infrastructure, or manage usernames and passwords.
  • Ensure quick and easy self-registration to your custom applications.
  • Okta profiles are updated automatically when your users update their social profiles.
  • Users don't need to remember an extra password.

Start this task

  1. In the Admin Console, go to SecurityIdentity Providers.
  2. Click Add identity provider, and then select a social login (IdP).
  3. Follow the setup information for the IdP from Add an external Identity Provider.

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