Downloads and version histories

In the Admin Console, go to SettingsDownloads. You can download the latest versions of agents, authenticators, toolkits, Okta Verify, and Okta Browser Plugin for most web browsers. For some browsers, Okta Browser Plugin is only available in download stores.

Okta Agents

Okta Active Directory agent version history

Okta Active Directory Password Sync Agent version history

Okta RADIUS Server Agent Version History

Okta On-Prem MFA agent version history

Okta Provisioning agent and SDK version history

Okta LDAP Agent version history

Okta Hyperspace Agent Version History

Validate the download

If one of the agents listed here displays a file size and SHA-512 hash, you can use them to verify the integrity of the files.

    1. In the Admin Console, go to SettingsDownloads.
    2. Click Download Latest link next to the RADIUS installer that you want to download.
    3. Use one of the following commands to generate the hash on your local machine. Replace setup in the commands with the file path to your downloaded agent.
      • Linux: sha512sum setup.rpm
      • macOS: shasum -a 512 setup.rpm
      • Windows: CertUtil -hashfile setup.exe SHA512
    4. Verify that the generated hash matches the hash on the Downloads page.

See the agent's installation instructions for more details.

Okta toolkits and authenticators

Okta Confluence Authenticator version history

Okta Jira Authenticator Version History

Okta plugins

Okta Browser Plugin version history

Okta ADFS Plugin version history


Okta MFA Credential Provider for Windows Version History

Okta ADFS Plugin version history